Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


Not possible.


is it that complicated to implement ?

then i would have to stick with windows OS & pi


Please add volume profile in the trading view charts.


TV charting library doesn’t have it, anyway you can use that on current charts.


I too use Gnumeric and Librecalc. Unfortunately this trading world is not friendly towards linux users. You will have to take the support of APIs or some other technique.


I have one machine from the past with windows&MS office for income tax department :disappointed_relieved:


Why use Linux, when you have all tools in trading built for Windows?


Use google sheet. You can take live feed from NSE itself.


Is it available now or not. Tv


@siva what’s the update?


Bro, Today is holiday. Let them enjoy the holiday at least. Jab hoga tab bata dega. Bar bar puchoge to bhi jaldi nahi milega


How? share the spreadsheet please?


Beta will come out very soon.


Tradingview charts does provide the Volume profile and much more information like Value area, HVNs, LVNs about the market can be obtained from it unlike the present Volume profile in the current Kite charts. Please add that as an option cause it’s a very powerful tool for us.


We have asked for these but TV said these are not inbuilt in to charting library so not possible to add for now. Will do what ever we can.


hey shiva, I am currently looking for 2 hour chart.


Wow plz Provide Jump To Particular Date For 1min Chart if you provide that. then it’s really helpful for traders for doing backtesting



Will the TV charts with Zerodha have earnings info on chart?
Will it have Hotlist like Top Gainers etc?
Will there be a option to save multiple watchlists?
Will it have replay option?


These are not part of TV charting library, so won’t be there. “Will there be a option to save multiple watchlists?” what do you mean by this?


@siva Thanks for the details. Currently there are only 5 watchlist tabs available. I meant about having many watchlists with user defined names.