Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


Will check on adding few more but user defined names will come soon.


Libreoffice/Librecalc For Linux/Ubuntu users…


@SaiKrishna : Because I program my tools myself and on Linux; and it is a pain to shift my code to windows. Linux has all the essential tools.


Hey @siva, please retain at least the basic version of volume profile like the one you have in Kite currently, it is a very vital feature.

I doubt the advanced volume profile present in TV will be ever given for free as it is for paid versions only


Volume profile will be there on existing charts.

We are opting for paid version only, even in that it is not available.


Oh okay, strange that they are not able to provide it in even in paid version, it would have been a real good feature.


LOL just for the headsup pi sucks! I like pi better than kite for various obvious reasons but there has been lots of issues lately. I have been with you guys since about 3 years and though there have been great improvements there hasn’t been an update for pi in a very long time.

Things that Suck in pi

  1. Not all days but some of the days after you login, click to check cash positions or stock holdings and you get an error message “This session is no longer valid, pi will logout soon!” some thing like that and it does not resolve even after multiple logins.
  2. Leaving aside high volatility days, even in regular days if there is a sudden movement in any direction BOOM pi freezes up like a pie. This also happens in the currency segment.
  3. In the holdings segment in pi the purchase price “Price” is not shown, just 0.00. Why? Previously it worked what now?
  4. Recently monthly currency options have been introduced. There’s option for selection of the weekly option date in pi but when you add it you only get the monthly contract.

Please improve the stability of pi and please do add the option for range charts.

I love zerodha but you guys should first concentrate on the basics of what traders need, stability and then work the various add on’s you have been working on lately which though are good but only for a selective group of people.


Pi works good on 8 GB ram


Frankly speaking I don’t have any such problem with upstox or 5 paisa. Have opened all family members accounts with different broker for my own ease.
So I use mobile app/ desktop alternatively… Not sure why u facing problems with 5 paisa. Using it for more than 10 months and it’s smooth. Moreover it has many features at same place like news or Open Interest chain and their charts r also awesome.
I opened in zerodha as it was good and advanced but looks like others have progress at very good rate and not zerodha.
At every expiry zerodha hangs up or u can’t put the order whatever reason never such issue with 5paisa. Will share one screenshot of same faced yesterday only


Option LTP is a normal issue of Zerodha. It is your fault that you are thinking to do BN in Zerodha. Due to member size, Zerodha always hit threshold limit.

Upstox 5paisa - Irrespective of anything or anyone will give same error if they hit same number of active traders like zerodha. Let’s hope they don’t hit lol.


haven’t tried it lately . does it work realtime these days ?

google finance doesnt support nse option data as per my knowledge


most of trading takes place in browsers & APP these days . linux is stable system with active supportive community.

they are no longer actively supporting Pi & moving everything to kite if i’m not wrong


I think it’s just pplz trying to experiment and get nailed by market, to prevent such cases , certein price bands allowed I guess. Like it will not let u fress buy at 0.05 because it’s cheap or u can afford it and hope for 0.10 lol. 2 times growth lol


@siva What’s the update?


with what?


Yes, You definitely know what he is talking about :slight_smile:


Here you go, they have finally decided to implement the Physical Settlement for all F&O stocks.


Trading view in Kite


Last phase of integration, most likely in two weeks we should be ready with beta version.


Ok I get it, still Thanks for trying :grinning: