Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


@siva will the charts also come to mobile version of Kite also ??Also with all its drawing tools and indicator ??


So… one more week to go ? :wink:


Yes, but initially on web.


Trading View is way ahead of current solution in Kite, can you make relative overlay comparison of 4-5 stocks in single window. TV is way ahead next level. And getting it free is icing on the cake! Was someone suggesting of subscribing to it ? LOL!


Yes but who is been trading and analysing 5yrs in simple setups , why he will change to trading view for fancy candles. Lol


It’s not just about those fancy candles. Just for an example, in kite, it takes ages to draw a horizontal line precisely point to point. Whereas in TV I draw anywhere, put the required price and it plots exactly at that price point. Max to max 15 seconds I guess.

Zerodha plots lines on whole chart extending everywhere, whereas TV just plots where u want to… Less clutter more analysis.

This was just an example. There are plenty more advantages which I found only after using TV.

All have there own preferences and needs. TV charts with all drawing tools will an icing on the already popular Zerodha features.


Ok good analysis paralysis haha


Tradingview has a charting software. Not trading software. Instead of hardcore bashing, try to understand why some people asked for it for the first place and their reasoning may sound insignificant for some but significant for some.

And, more importantly it is not about switching. It is about alternative, a significant alternative to some! There are lots of pros and cons.

One being you can use your own custom indicator which you can code in Pine script.
One being you can save your trading idea as a snap shot in one click (if you maintain a trading diary).

I feel their UI is far more amazing than Zerodha’s in terms of comfort-ability.

Here is some suggestions on Zerodha’s UI. Just my constructive view rather than a troll comment.

  1. I see too much unnecessary space which can be utilized to increase the chart arena.
  2. The watchlist is not always needed. There should be an hide button.
  3. If you select 4 window, why it opens in another tab. I don’t like another tab. (I can easily click positions and other tabs from above) It should be on same tab. Hiding watchlist option (which is optional toggle) will give that space here.)
  4. Add a snapshot button? Storing image in amazon AWS won’t and can’t literally surpass 100$ a month even for Zerodha

See the wastage of space?
The space of red line can simply be killed. The red area can come inside.

Look how they managed here. Instead of writing that menu stuff four times, it is at the header. When a chart is selected it will be header of that chart.

Well I can go on.

But these small small things why big industries called UX. Upstox’s UI looks dope compared to Zerodha but their UX sucks.


Bhai You can easily fetch. It will be updated from NSE option chain which gets updated in 1-2 mins. The command is importhtml.

Here you can see an usage of it

Now if you need “streaming of data” that doesn’t work with stocks too! But correct LTP on each refresh can easily doable.

You can also see I am fetching the margin stuff from Zerodha real time as well.


Yes great one then it can be integrated with tradingview and zerodha ,with little price,when highend users need it, for basic and free pplz simple one the beginner one is better. Expecting traDingview for free in zerodha is big LOL

Like coin sensibul n others




I don’t think that you have used Tview professionally otherwise you wouldn’t have said those words. Tview in terms of a charting software is better than all the Indian brokers charting platforms . Please do try to use something before bashing it with lame comments .


U know what, when it comes, u will be using it as well.
No. You will use it. Bcoz u won’t be able to resist then.

@siva bring it to show the power of TV.


Ohhhh I mainly use it on mobile as kite is blocked on my office laptop but anyways great start
Hope to get it on mobile soon


Have TradingView charts been incorporated in kite ? I see the old charts in kite. Please let us know @siva



Not yet, we are working on this, it involves lot of changes as we are planning to provide both TV and existing charts.


Thanks @siva.


Eye opening decission bravo


@unofficed bro i want live realtime streaming of data which is possible in “Link to excel” in Pi .

btw you reminding me i need to brushup my googlesheet skills :smiley: , very pro looking setup you have created . i 'm using link to external data in libreoffice to fetch web data , but it needs lot of cleanup.


That is doable.

Way 1: You need to capture the data from the browser in that case. Javascript mess.
Way 2: Search nsepy by Swapnilji in github.