Tradingview in Kite. Coming Soon


4 , 8 Minutes and 4 Hour


so you are planning to provide both TV and existing ? then i am afraid that TV charts might not be provided free and some paid subscription will be needed to use them :frowning:


Nope, they will be free.


@unofficed would try it "):smiley: thanks


how many days we need more for TV Platform



but will the intraday ohlc match with other data providers like global data feed/esignal.

Right now kite is NOT usable for day trading.

Will data on TV charts be usable for day trading?


ok that will be great, eagerly waiting for TV for using multi time frames in intraday trading. hope to see beta version before republic day :slight_smile:


Hey @siva is zerodha ignoring or slowly phasing out Pi…you all are promoting only kite on Ur website…there are no updates about pi…


PI is not Zerodha’s. You see Sasonline and couple others use that same software. They haven’t updated since decades.


Haan actually…


But I feel Pi is better than kite for day trading…may be I am more comfortable to trade using Pi so…:wink:agar band ho Gaya pi to dusra broker dhundna pade…hehe


It will be great to use TradingView in Kite


@siva @nithin when can we expect the tv charts? Eagerly waiting


and i need that drag and drop the stop loss and profit option from chart and one click Oder close and one click reverse option


Soon, very soon.


Is it quantifiable ? , we all are analysts here.


:slight_smile: In testing, in the next 10 days.


I request you to please update with 1 Click close and reverse position and drag and drop target and profits from chart.


Beta version? :slight_smile:


@nithin Cannot see the watchlist tab which is ideally on the right in tview