Upi mandate issues

Yes, you can apply through Netbanking ASBA.

Doesn’t matter whether you use UPI or ASBA, there is no affect on allotment.

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You can mail to registrar, and get refund within 2 hrs

You can. It won’t affect the allotment

Hello everyone, i have placed IPO application for CAMS and received UPI mandate after 2 hours. Immediately i have accepted and amount has been blocked. But now in IPO application status it is showing that Sponsor bank rejected mandate due to invalid UPI address. Can anyone suggest me what to do. Amount is still been blocked. No refund yet. Whom should i consult Zerodha or my bank.

Your amount has been blocked, the RTA will consider your application.

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I accepted the mandate for chemcon. It shows authorization failed, however the amount is blocked. :expressionless: What should I do? Should I wait? Should I delete and make a new application?

As answered above.

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i have applied for CAMS IPO and received mandate request on bhim upi but as i proceeded it says Rsponse time out ( Deemed Approved) and amount got blocked from my account but in BHIM UPI it says ipo creation failed What should i do? @ShubhS9

Looks similar issue to one I responded to just above your post.

Nothing to worry, even i faced the same issue yesterday. You can delete your application and apply again. Blocked funds will be revoked in 24 hours. Dont know why this happens but this will definitely makes us nervous and frustrating. Keep additional funds in hand

Nothing to worry, even i faced the same issue yesterday. You can delete your application and apply again. Blocked funds will be revoked in 24 hours.

I applied for cams ipo through Upi mandate. Since I do not received mandate for long, i deleted the order and bidded again. Then i received a mandate and approved. But after some time again a mandate came and approved that also. But the problem is that first mandate was from the bid that i had cancelled and amount blocked in my account and second mandate rejected for insufficient fund . Should i create a new bid now? When will the blocked fund will unblock ?

i would say to Bid for new application. The amount blocked for cancelled application may get revoked within 24-48 hours. But if you reach your bank on this, they will unblock it immediately. Even i have faced similar issue in recent days. My suggestion is to wait for atleast 3hours for mandate request to appear for yur bid. And moreover check SMS at the time of approving your mandate. The mandate request will be seen in SMS with your application number. So, you dont need to block fund for cancelled application.

I have Applied for HAppiest mind IPO and upi mandate request is approved on ICICI imobile app before issue closing date… still my ipo application shows this on Zerodha as below. My money got blocked and still not refunded back… First of all, i m not sure what went wrong as my upi mandate request was honoured and amount got blocked and second of all… now the amount is blocked even after refund initiation as per issue…

What shall i do to get it unblocked.

Amount blocked

Rejected by Investor

The block collect request has expired.

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What is the process of doing through this

Best way is to do with asba with any bank account.
The chances of failure is nil and the blocked amount will be released instantly on the final allotment date.

Could you please share the steps… as i face upi mandate issue everytime… my amount is blocked for days

Same with me but amount deducted for both application (deleted also). What should I do??

Could you please share the email id. I have same issue.

The mandate end date is 27th September, should get released by then. Best if you get in touch with your bank.

Hi All,

Through zerodha, I have applied through upi, and request received in Google pay and I have accepted the same.

Bank amount limit has been reduced. But Google pay mandate is still saying awaiting withdrawl. So is it successful?

Further, I have applied 2 times, and deleted one bid, so that amount will be automatically free?

It is successful, these funds get blocked in your account, withdrawal only happens when you recieve allotment, if you don’t receive allotment these funds will be released back.

If funds were blocked and you deleted the bid the funds will be automatically released back in your account.

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