Upi mandate issues

I applied for the ipo. now i guess i will get a upi mandate request till tomorrow afternoon. right? and i can accept it whenever i get it.

What can be done.
Pls help

Same happened with me. Applied for chemcon through zerodha. Received mandate request on bhim upi. Tried approving it, but it showed error. So I declined the request. And deleted the bid. But then it shows amount is blocked.

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You will have until tomorrow 12 PM to approve the mandate, make sure you approve before that.

Same happen with me but I didn’t cancel it

The amount is automatically released when you cancel the application, best if you get in tough with your bank.

Approved Payment and amount blocked but UPI app shows mandate failed - The bank, NPCI and the exchange run a 3 way reconciliation to check for successful applications and fund blocks. If your block status is not updated at the UPI app level or exchange level, the RTA may still consider your application since your funds are successfully blocked with the bank.

As answered above.

i have deleted both of my application but my amount has not been unblocked yet. In how much time should it get unblocked ?

the bank personale had no clue on how this process works

Was that mandate successful? Did you get your refund!? Actually I am having exactly same issue

first it said it is unsuccessful that is the reason i deleted the mandate and then when applied for a new one i get a message saying my fund is blocked

I applied for CHEMCON specialty chemical ipo through zerodha via sbi upi. I received mandate and i approved it and amount is also blocked however still in zerodha console it says request pending.

where as at same time when i applied of CAMS ipo, i approved the mandate and zerodha console instantly updated the status of cams ipo
‘‘Block request accepted by client. Payment Successful’’

please help

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I applied for Chemcon IPO through UPI mandate. Unfortunately while accepting the mandate request I forgot to change my bank account for the mandate and mandate request was denied due to insufficient funds. How can I request for a new mandate?

If the amount is blocked the RTA will consider your application.

You will have to delete the earlier application and make a new one. IPO subscription is now closed, so you won’t be able to do apply now.

Hello Sir, I have applied for Chemcon IPO but the mandate failed and the amount got blocked, received a message from bank that my fund is blocked. Then I cancelled the application and apply for new one, the mandate failed again but this time I didn’t receive any message from bank.
When will I get the refund? Will I get refund before the allotment or after a day of allotment or when the mandate ends? Your answer is appreciated

I have entered correct UPI id while placing bid, but still status is showing as

Amount blocked 0

Status: Rejected due to Invalid UPI

Will I get UPI mandate request.??? since time has elapsed for placing new bid.

If you have placed a bid then you will recieve the mandate, you will have time until 12 PM tomorrow to approve it.

I have applied for CHEMCON ipo around 4:30 PM today. But till now not received any mandate request on bhim. Is there still a chance that i will receive the mandate request?

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It can take time, you will have until tomorrow 12 PM to approve the mandate.