Weekly trading diary : January Week 2 : 8 - 12 Jan, 2018


:joy::joy::joy: Yes, I am Kanjoose.

Look at Boss @nithin He have Given Only 14 Likes in Last 3 Months. :joy:

Also I am the Most Active User still I am not Granted with the REGULAR BADGE.
This is very disappointing @Bhuvanesh & @nithin


Happens automatically if these conditions are met. But, weโ€™ve added it manually to your profile. :slight_smile: Keep contributing.


Tradingqna use form software and template provided by Discourse.org You get the badges automatically once the conditions are met.
Congratulations! You are the newest regular member :slight_smile:


Yes, I know the moment we fullfill the required criteria we get that badge.
But This regular badge was pending I Donโ€™t know why.
I think it will update soon now.
Thank you :pray:


what is the view on quick heal?
Lets invest please tell me bro.


Donโ€™t say you bought for Breakout at 385?


Bought at 375. I chance tha to sell at 382


Okay, For now Taking Support at 370. Volumes are not High as Comapre to 2 previous trading sessions.
Let the Buyers Come and Keep a Stop-loss.


Ok. I think FIIS invested in yesterday s session. In bulk


Have you closed your Order?


No in cash and carry . So will sell above 400 level


Oh Man Then Just Chill. :sunglasses:
But Still You Bought at Very High Price.


Yes brother. In greed:wink:


todayโ€™s intraday positions as of nowโ€ฆ

DCB is highly volatile today, one may use it for intraday i think.


Guys any stocks strategy , position opportunity for now? Feeling bored.


I think Granules India is ready for a breakout


Hmm but I donโ€™t see convincing pattern


Hoping for TCS to break 2790. may rally till 2800 if it breaks.


TCS did break 2790 and rallied beyond 2800. Hope you took it. I missed coz of a client meeting :neutral_face:


I did not take any position in TCS , the stock is anticipating good results.
It may show some more up move. But I donโ€™t want speculative bet.