Weekly trading diary : January Week 2 : 8 - 12 Jan, 2018


It was good profitable day today. Made around 30k in intraday. Took few positions in the last 30 mins.

I am hoping to close positional trades in coming 2 trading sessions.


That’s awesome :smiley:
Congratulations :+1::pray:


Thank you @Lets_Invest :slight_smile: lets see how it goes tomorrow.


Bought 50 shares of Edelweiss Financial Services @ 284 for long term portfolio investment


First Day of Trading at Zerodha.


@Prince_18 Is this your 1st trade or at Zerodha???


In proper manner yes. Although i have traded one stock two days back just to learn system.


Your contract notes may surprise u with high taxes in today’s trade.


@Spaceship, I like the way you put across your opinions, there is sarcasm and humour :grinning:


Don’t jump into Trading.
Buy in CNC and hold for some days then sell.
In simple words do Swing Trading.



Waited since Monday for the opportunity to try intraday and finally did two today.

Goa Carbon - EN 1120 and XT 1140, RET 2% gain
ONGC - EN 199.6 XT 198, RET 0.8% loss

Experts - Were these good picks for the day ?

Considered Punj Lyod but skipped based on fundamentals


:blush: I am still holding. Thanks once again :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. You are in 28rs profit per share. How many have you purchased?


Good morning Guys!

any idea on Bank Nifty today?


If Break 25600 Then Probably downside for 25400.


For the past three days the market depth is not showing properly in kite mobile app, it shows all zeros for some time and then showing values… This happens for first 10 mins of market open… does anybody facing this issue. @siva


ok… thank you :slight_smile:


Not doing intraday today… ! wish you all a profitable day… :+1:


As I believe there is no issue, with screenshot you can write to me at tsiva@zerodha.com immediately when you face this next time.


Hi @siva siva,

Can you please assist me as i’ve posted a request for tradescript in algo strategies but no one has replied yet.
I’ve also mailed at support@zerodha.com but no one has responded yet