Weekly trading diary: November Week 3, Profit/Loss for 13 Nov - 17 Nov 2017


At what Price you Brought?


Bank and nbfc today…


Rs.337.9 … Today morning i bought. It went till 344 and came down. Im in loss as of today. How long it may take to go above my bought price.


So, You Bought this for Short term Profit.
You were getting good profit of Rs.6.10/- You should have exit it.

Now, Hold Let’s see what will happen Tomorrow.


Yeah. Have to hold, I have no option.


Today my profit


SBI good to buy but buy on dip


If You want I can Do Analysis of SBI Just Now.

But Let me Warn You.

Last Time when I did Analysis of AIRTEL it Came down Rapidly in Just 2 Trading Sessions.
Gap down Opening 5-6% down in Just 2 Trading sessions.

Yesterday I did L&T Analysis and Today Morning it Open -Rs.35/- Gap Down.

Now, @BasuRaj you want me to do Analysis of SBI??


Are you feeling that ce price is little low than it should be? The options price is based on the fut price. Let’s look at todays closing price. Around 10260 for fut and 10220 for spot.

If we look at atm 10250 pe ce options price, they look reasonably similarly priced.

What strikes me as little bit odd though is the price diff between strike and fut. Yesterday it was around 20,today its 40. Some time back, it was around 60. Usually this diff comes down to around 10-15 during day and even that didn’t seem to happen today. Good thing is if nifty holds its current level, fut price difference will eventually come down to spot price near expiry


I observe that CEs are much lower than it should be. If we consider vix 14.2 but then also 10500 CE should be around 32 to 34 . but it is 26 at closing.


AuroPharma 1Lot @ 744 : MTM -26400
TataMotors 1 lot @ 424.05 : MTM -3675 (I had 2 lots and 1 lot I sold at 427.4)

Gained good profits in LT and Amaraja.

Was able to cover this with shorting in Spot. Tomorrow based on opening I am planning to exit these positions and enter new positions.


Looks Like AUROPHARMA will fall till 675 Levels.


Lookes Like TATAMOTORS will Test 410 Levels.


Ok do it. Let me see what will be the result as per your analysis. Thanks in advance for your time.


Ohhh you are in good loss of 30K as M2M. Why you didn’t close your position when markets ended red.
No stop loss?


Yes, they do look underpriced. But only from 450 and above. OI also increased.

I would just assume that its the negative sentiment and reducing time till expiry. Just my thoughts, nothing technical here.

Edit: Also the market was going nowhere for last few days and it could go both ways. Now that it has moved steadily to the lower side, maybe the higher side is considered to have less chance of reaching


Yes I agree with you. I have checked the chart and 765 is support. I will plan my exit in morning and then take fresh positions.


So, You Holding Sell Postion?


Agreed bro negative sentiments and hurry to square off the option … But see according to calculator

Let see tomorrow while opening I assume gap down opening of nifty but 10500 CE must open 30+
Hope my calculation proven right and my btst 10500 CE bought at 27 earn some buck … Will sold it tomorrow opening price…


I don’t use stop loss for futures. I generally hedge my positions if market move in my opposite direction. In case of auro my analysis were wrong and I will exit tomorrow based on market situation.