Weekly trading diary: November Week 3, Profit/Loss for 13 Nov - 17 Nov 2017


No. I squareoff my mis sell positions Eod. Tomorrow I will see the market situation and exit at right time.


I have been tracking the Bank Nifty via this Post and just in case if anyone is interested. I could see some discussion is going the Bank stocks.


okay okay okay okay (Becoz system wants me to Type 15 Words)


Yes, i just looked at 10000pe for similar pricing and they are indeed around 36.best of luck tomorrow.

I expect small downward movement, spot maybe testing 10200.

You buy non-directional options right? Today must have been a good day for you


Anything similar on nifty?


@btr Not yet man. Will start probably sometime next week.


This time you didn’t hedge your position? What if your loss grows big tomorrow when markets open gap down?

Not a good strategy to leave a good loss making position open overnight.


Not always but yes today booked 11500 in 10000 pe but not booked my loss position on nifty 10500ce and tatamotors 470 ce


@BasuRaj i Think That Stock Will Test 310-315 Levels To Gain Some Energy and It Will Start Its uptrend with Good Volumes.
Also Supertrend is Not giving sell signal which is Good for you.

Delivery % Have decreased as Compare to previous trading session. Lookes Like Investors Have Booked Profit.

Look at The Share Holding Patterns Promoters & DII & MF have Good Holdings.

Motilal Oswal Report On SBI. They are Giving Target of 415. I am sure This is Not for short-term.


I accept your point. I will make risk management better by using SL from next trqde onwards. thanks for suggestion


Am not understanding how you are trading such penny stocks with high lots ??.explain plz…


Which EMAs u used in that screenshot??


They are big market cap stocks. JP Associates, adani, suzlon , rcom are stocks which see huge turnover volumes. They are not penny stocks. They are highly liquid stocks.

I have accounts with other brokerage companies like aastha which provide very high margin too. I dont trade much on zerodha these days because many times Pi crashes up in the middle unable to handle high data traffic.

I have 16GB ram , core i7 . And my trading size is not big. I want to trade atleast 10 lots at a time. And no I am not satisfied from my profits. I want a big move in price.


How much you have capital bro ?? Am so worried to trade on futures…


Perfect Bro.
Is SAS ONLINE good one??


Forgot to ask, how you are entered Nd exit on these stocks ??. I mean your technical strategy plz…:thinking::thinking:


5 EMA ( Green)
20 EMA (Red )


Thanks bro.
May I know how you are pick the stocks for intraday??


I study price movement, momentum, overall market trend & volume. Today I missed to short idea initially so was late & had to compromise with little profit. I get angry with myself when I miss the right price. Timely entry is more important than timely exit. But to have timely entry , you cannot just rush to enter in the trade. Or you may end up on the wrong side. Maintaining of equilibrium is extremely important and to read the movement which side it will breakout. Everytime markets are ready to fool you. I go by my experience. I am looking for atleast 5% movement to 10 % move in my favor. I am still waiting for that to happen while trading in high quantity. I hate to exit gaining 0.3% to 1% move.