When is the ex-date for Britannia?

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BONUS NCD issue is subject to deduction or withholding of applicable taxes and necessary statutory and regulatory approvals, including that of the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), Calcutta bench.
The last time the company issued a similar instruments was in 2019 with 23 August 2019 as record date with 8% coupon rate .

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I had bought 150 shares of Britannia on 20 May. Will I get their debentures recently announced. As on now its not visible on my Zerodha account.
Please advice.

As per the exchange announcement, the record date was 27th May 2021. They might not be visible in Kite’s holding currently but you should be able to see them in Console (Refer to this thread - NCD in holding not visible)

@Prayag yes it’s in console but with value amounting as zero currently. But apart from this question, if not in holdings then how one can trade from console ?

You will likely able to trade them only once they are listed on the exchanges. @ShubhS9 also mentioned about it in different thread -