Why did the exchanges publish a clarification on no additional intraday leverage?

@Akkki, before also i consider like that , see the circular and post , F&O also you want to bring NRML margin , there will be no more leverage in intraday , because SEBI think F&O is alreday a leveraged products , again giving leverage is a big risk for retail and broking sytem , so SEBI banning thses things , SEBI move is always good and protect us , let see in few weeks. Zerodha is correct




Any idea about the approximate number of days before this is implemented?

This new rule was applied for me in zerodha today itself… for trading for a profit of 2000 to 3000 rs… the margin suddenly shot to one lakh …and I was unable to sell…this is ridiculous…why zerodha is pushing it so fast when they have been given time till march end atleast

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Some food for thought for all


Post this new rule how much times exposure will be available for equity intraday with MIS ?
do we need to provide 100% funding for equity intraday?

Did he mention anything about upcoming progressive margining system or anything insightful about Indian markets from option trading perspective?

Everyone sign this petition PLEASE


Can you go through the thread, please, it is answered multiple times.

Can you create ticket here and message me ticket number.

@nithin and @siva : It would be fair if margin increase and margin reduction for hedging is implemented in zerodha same time :slight_smile: please talk to sebi :stuck_out_tongue:


Why should we experienced traders suffer just because of some new comer who doesn’t know how to use leverage properly and manage his risk… He will learn with time… Every one of us has been in that place when we started trading…I am sure you didnt start earning in lakhs in your first week/month of trading…

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If you feel you are experienced you must have already earned Lakhs which is sufficient for your margin :stuck_out_tongue:

Bro, even if i have lakhs (or even crores), I will have to sell limited number of lots with full margin… With leverage I can sell more, thus more ROI on same investment… SIMPLE MATH…


Wait for hedged position margin reduction :wink:

People mostly hedge positions when they are unsure of their study on market direction… We dont do that…

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you can still do directional on hedge … sell 31000 ce - 200 quantity , buy 31500 ce 200 quantity … you get to sell 10 lots for 1 lakh margin :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ofcourse you can, but if you see how premiums are spread between these two strikes, you will come to know that ROI reduces considerably compared to naked selling…


what was margin to sell 10 lots in zerodha in MIS ?