Why did the exchanges publish a clarification on no additional intraday leverage?

I never use zerodha for option selling… Leverages are bull****

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So Astha ! 23X lol ? u can earn for continuously for even 3 years , one day u may wipe ur capital ,

Just a warning from fellow trader :slight_smile: play safe , seen many so called experienced players wiped .

If I understand correctly and from my experience, trading is a game of probability, specially options trading (Buy Side), which can be further enhanced by lowering the risk arising due to unexpected move of trend. To do so leverage can help by either trading in Futures or Intraday for that particular stock/index.

There are good number of traders mainly operating Intraday Options/Stocks/Equities o regular basis using leverage by lowering exposure of capital and taking benefit of multiplication factor ( blessed by Leveraged or Margin trading).

Good traders learn, backtest, paperTrade and then try with mall capital. In any profession on this planet, there would be some part made up of ameatures or ‘not so good people’. What can we do with that ? Nothing.

In India, majority People jump into stock market to generate extra income or multiply their bank balance (at least to surpass bank FD rates) by utilising ones intellects, patience , experience and constant learning. If one or two wrong incidents happen in the stock market then the system is wrong-doing, not an individual participant. How can an autonomous body stop ones right to grow rich ? This decision to provide upfront payment and limiting the max leverage is concerning a larger retail trader community who want to turn their dreams into reality with such small initial capital.

This circular is at first sight cleaning up the dreams and possibilities of retail traders, it might clean up the mud as you have mentioned above but thats again the probability… Dear riches were always rich irrespective of birth of new and innovative circulars, rules or laws.

Capitalist are welcome in every country but unfortunately here in India they feel supreme to all powers and there lies real problem. Try to compare USA here.


Thanks for the warning bro… But believe me those who really know how to handle a naked position can handle it even for a 10-15% intraday swing, and still be in a good profit :wink:

I am trading with ICICI Direct.
1 lot of nifty = 1000 margin only.
I take 100x leverage on expiry day.
Initially I suffered losses of even 3 lakhs on capital of 10 lakhs.
Developed the algo system by learning from errors, that ensures 99% that either I will be in big profit or small losses. PoP is 88%.
Thanks for warning. but thank you!!
(The risk of SLs not triggering is still there. But what’s life w/o risk!)


this is unfair and unethical. This should be done for all customers in one shot. Or reduce the leverage at a same level (10% today, another 10% tomorrow, etc,) for all customers on a reducing fashion.

i see my account is not having additional leverage, but others are having it in same zerodha. this is not a level playing field. Please do not do this way.

Complaining to sebi.

100x leverage in icici direct


Don’t come to conclusion with out having any confirmation, if you can mail me your id and when it is charged more to [email protected], I can arrange a call and clear your queries.

hey @siva @nithin can someone explain me this, in the circular issued by NSE, point 4 clearly states that full margin is not required were pay in/out is done on date of execution. Like in intra day pay in pay out is done on same day.

attached the screenshot below

This is for cash/equity delivery based trades. I have explained here why nothing will change for you at Zerodha as you buy stocks only when you have full money or sell stocks only when you have full stocks.


Good, their option plus order with strict Stop loss right

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This is when selling stocks, here pay in refer to securities, so if on same day we are not delivering securities then to sell securities also which are in holdings upfront margins are required.

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Ha Ha.

Everybody gets this on first time listening to this.
“Sher ka jigarchahiye”

But with proper stoploss and hedging and backtested strategy with max drawdown known etc.
One can do this.
The execution risk as mentioned by @nithin is always there.
But for that I keep market buy orders with other brokers always ready.

@maddy_Des, sir

i know lot of brokers giving 50 to 60X , like asta ,finvasi , they will never try to make rich you , first we need understand , in my opinion minimum leverage is OK , high leverage will end with only on DISASTER , i also trade wil leverage befor in alice blue , i make good profit , but i feel its dangerous , then i close the account ,i came to zerodha, because when the broker is ready to give high brokerage our mindset will try to do a high leverage trade , i feel its not god for me , all day are not same day in market , in retail category 95% of retail trader are losser are you agreed , how this calculation is coming , google it you can understand , 95 % of retail trader are aggresively using high leverage , and ended in one day in big loss, afterwords his account will be inactive , forget about your SLM whatever , loss is looss , i am noy against leverage , minimum is OK like 2 to 3 times ok ,
like option plus category most of the time SL will hit only you want to give brokerage and taxes you need to give.
if you are getting 25% above you be happy on that , if you are thinking overnight richman in market , MARKET will crushed and throw out you away ,
Recently every body speaking about ALGO , if really ALGO is money making machine every body will rich in USA and germany those people only using algo highly in the world , they all are not making any substitunal return in algo , there is nothing HOLYGRAIL in the market , when you need to try to make money in market be conservative , if you are agreesive you cannot find a right path , its my opinion


I am trading in the market from 2007, i seen lot of up and down in the market , i have totaly 24 FRIENDS including me , we trade together , but every body have diffrent types of trading . in 24 others 23 are convert to investing in mutual fund , i am the only man in my group still trading and investing conservatively and consistently , this is the market


Had a conversations with many brokers, sub brokers, HNI traders over the weekend.
Everybody were adamant that there is no change in intraday leverage system.
So its @nithin vs all now.
One friend reminded me of “Referral program”, “opentrade”, “brokerage refund”, “60-days challenge”.
Somethings which zerodha discontinued long back claiming to be illegal. (The idea I got was somebody of authority told about this illegality to Nithin Sir over informal meeting “chai pe charcha”)
These things still continues with other brokers.
Zerodha has silently closed 60 day challenge brokerage refund!

So as per them, with @nithin its always been over cautious, sometimes deliberate. And it’s always been “can and could” with him.

We will know only after Wednesday meeting though!

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I didn’t want to post it here, but since you keep bringing it up, here is the link to the conference call that NSE had last thursday with all the members on this topic. All your broker friends would have been on this call. Let me know if you still have any confusion after this, maybe you should share this and ask why they are lying.

Other points

  1. Opentrade was stopped because we were asked if people sharing trades on the platform were investment advisors as they can circumvent IA regulations by being on the platform and collect money. Which was a valid point and there was no way to solve it, we had to stop.

  2. 60 day brokerage refund was stopped after SEBI circular (post Indian trading league) that clearly said that there should be no cash or incentive or reward that broker can offer that can induce people to trade. Brokerage refund was doing it, and hence we had to stop. (Let me pull up the circular and share it here)

  3. Client referral was pointed out during inspection and said there was no specific regulation that allowed you to share, so you should stop. We pushed for it and NSE just put out a circular last week allowing this. We are starting this again this week.

These are all initiatives which were extremely successful and helping the business grow, when we stopped we took a hit.

As you’d imagine a lot of competitors keep complaining against almost everything we do with the regulator. So we are forced to be more compliant than everyone else, which we don’t have a problem and I hope our clients appreciate. Your brokerage firm, like a bank, is in a way custodian to your funds and securities, you would not want the firm to be the kinds who blatantly violates rules and regulations.


If investing only makes money then everybody must be Buffet.
If algo only makes money then everybody should start “citadel” and “renaissance” and make billions.
So its basically how you find your edge and for how long you can sustain.
Sachin can’t dream of being Sehwag, Sehwag can’t dream of being Afridi, Afridi cant dream of beaing dravid and so on!!!

I trade high leverage but my max capital at risk is always 25% of the capital only. (execution risks aside)


Nothing was mine sir.
I will surely watch it and confront these crooks.
Actually there has been marketing spree going on.
Most follow similar pattern(Even AVPs, VPs)
First dismiss your claims, promise that old leverage will continue, and then enticing scared retail in opening accounts.
Mobiles flooded with marketing SMSs