Will Nifty Close Green or Red Today? Monday 8th OCT 2018

  • Nifty, will have a Bullish close today.
  • Nifty, will have a Bearish close today.
  • Not Sure.

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Even election polls would be more accurate than these.

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You will be surprised looking into the results on these previous polls:

Haha dono threads mei maine khullam khulla bola tha what will happen LOL

In this thread also wanted to write something, but lets see how market behaves

Becoz i have lot of expectations from market today, so its good chance it disappoints me, hope it doesnt

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There may be bullish opening but not sure about the closing. It probably depends on crude price and USD vs INR. If crude price increases later, nifty may go down

From a two-months perspective nifty will definitely lose more points. It will definitely come down to 9xxx range. The Iranian sanctions are to kick in from November, this means crude will be at an all-time high around and after this date. So, hold tight.

From the immediate perspective, as and when the crude prices rise beyond 85 and subsequently rupee crosses 74, there will be excessive bearishness and a fall. So, looking at the pattern of crude prices and USD/INR value from last month, the next 2-3 days maybe a breather but aggressive selling will resume even at the slightest bad news.

Possibly more pain coming now…

Get ready!!

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Nifty getting ready to fall another 150 pts.

more pain folks…


Dude, seems like the index is moving your way. Not bad.


Bulls saved the day!!!

I think today operator didnt have a target for Nifty to achieve

But their target was to throw out retailer traders from market.

How many wiped out today can even imagine

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I dont know about this operator theory. So far no one has been able to prove it nor there is any evidence of operators manipulating big index like nifty. So i dont subscribe to it. But you can believe in it if it makes you feel comfortable. No harm in it.

Institutions dont care about pathetic retail money.

Who cares how many wiped out.

All that matters is bulls stopped further fall.

Today bulls won , tomorrow we have to see.