Zerodha 2000 orders limit per day

Can anyone please explain 2000 orders limit per day ?

Does it count buy and sell both side ?
Only one side ?
Or does it also count order modification ?

And also want to know about 1 lakh shares limit per order.

If I buy 1 lakh shares multiple times of same company. Can I exit position at once or do it by selling 1 lakh shares.


All orders put together should be 2k.

It doesn’t include trades, one can place 1 lakh quantity in one order and it is counted as 1 only.
Max quantity per order is 1 lakh.

I have also said max quantity allowed per order is 1 lakh.

Didn’t something happen in the past with OMS where someone placed a big order and it got executed in a 100,000 different transactions which bogged the system down for whole day and to prevent that rare scenario, max quantity per order was capped to 20000?

Now it’s up to 1 lakh from 20000, is that risk with OMS eliminated fully?

Yeah, we did some changes.

Yes. But what happen if I selected multiple stock to exit at same time and few stock has more quantity than 1 lakh.

Those above 1 lakh will be rejected.

Any plans to increase 2000 orders limit per day ?

Yes, if the orders are genuine we will, you can mail to me mentioning the ID.

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Nope, order will be rejected while placing.

Can you increase this limit for particular users like you said about orders.

Can’t increase quantity per order limit but soon we are coming out with basket orders, one can place multiple orders at a time.

Where can I read about limit for F&O ?

Quantity Freeze? Explained on Exchange website.

Okay. What is this. Can you explain ?

If Index Level is between 0 to 5750, Freeze Quantity is 15000, it means you can Buy/Sell that many quantities in one order.

So on and so forth for others.

You can download the “File for Quantity Freeze”, that file contains Quantity Freeze data for all F&O contracts.

Do other brokers have this quantity limit per order.
I just want to know why does zerodha has this limitation for 1 lakh quantities ?

Now you can use basket order to fire multiple orders at same time, quantity restriction should not be a concern.

It takes to time to create basket add quantities and clone it. it would be easier if we do not have limit with quantities.