I lost 13 lakhs in market

I lost 13 lakhs in market till now within 11 months. It was my hard earn money, now I have taken loan of 11 lakhs and paying EMI’s of loan. I’m completely lost now. My salary is not so good.
I did mistakes like. big sizing of qty upto 5000 qty.
No stoploss at all
taking profit of 10-12 points but loss for 40-50 and more may be.
I tried many strategies but nothing become successful because of my looseness in confidence.
13 lakhs is not big amount for some people but it is very big for me. It is three times of yearly package.

Please suggest anyone me. What should I do now? How to recover these losses?
I’m completely frustrated and unable to do work in office as well.
Please suggest me.


Give more and more details, tell everything. There are many experienced members here.

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Any particular reason to have taken the loan? What’s done is done, I think the focus should be on repaying the loan and focussing on your career.


Hi Abhishek,

Firstly, very sorry to hear about the losses.

The first thing you can do now is to take a break from trading and review what you are doing wrong and slowly rectify those mistakes.

Trading with such huge amount is risky both to health and wealth.

This is a must. Without SL , we will have big losses and big losses are the primary reason why we lose big money. Having small losses is a part of the business but big losses is purely due to our risk and money management.

  • Would also recommend to start with smaller amount that which you can afford to lose.

  • Please don’t do revenge trading. We generally tend to do that when we are in losses. Do check out what my personal experience was with revenge trading.

  • Focus on your career more and keep trading only as a support system initially till you get some unencumbered funds and confidence.

  • Try to focus on learning and trading with smaller amounts and lastly, take help from your friends and fellow traders. Most of us traders have been in such tricky situation.

Wishing you all the good luck. It will take time but we are all sure you will recover your losses. but please be patient.


Pls go through all the advice given in the following threads:

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Were you trading bank nifty?

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Thank you so much for advice…
As of now I don’t have capital. Forcefully I have to stop now. But I’m totally confused, don’t know how to get rid from this tough situation.

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Yes in both BN & Nifty

While you spend time reflecting on what went wrong you can paper trade until you find a trading system that works for you.


Are you? I am not.

Take a break. Then maybe focus on swing trading in stocks (stick to top 20 Nifty) . Only trade derivatives once you are comfortable and consistently profitable.


I took money from credit cards. My all credit limit was finished so to fill these gaps of credit card I took loan

Never trade with money which if you loose will shake you up. Typically this means don’t trade with credit or your life savings kept aside for some pressing need or basic existence.


There are a couple of videos of Trader Dante on Youtube about his stories from 15 years of trading. In one such story, he talks about a guy who went short on the EURUSD and kept shorting, while the market kept rallying. He eventually drew from most of his credit cards, except one and was on the verge of bankruptcy. He decided to exit his short EURUSD position and quit trading.

Dante says that the guy is a multi-millionaire today. He didn’t make that money from trading but from other ventures.

You may want to watch those clips, they’re long and you may have to search for this particular story but my point of bringing this up was to encourage you to stay strong, and not lose hope. Think of the lost money as a sunk cost and move on.


Sorry to be harsh, but your money is gone and you should not come near live trading any time soon. Taking CC loans to trade is incredibly foolish, shows complete lack of control.
It takes years to develop skills of trading, and trading needs capital and risk management. Most people are better off not trading. Most people lose, what have you done to believe you are different ?

Stay away, focus on your job and try to improve your skills and slowly build back your savings after paying for your debt. Once you have extra cash, continue to focus on your job/skills and invest money for retirement through 1) automated SIPs into portfolio of index equity funds and 2) safe short term debt schemes.

13L is not a large amount, develop skills and work to get better pay. Internet has made so much info available these days to skill up in your domain or to find a new one.

When you get into a position of strength with your future sorted already for say the next 5-10 years, then you can consider trying to trade again with only money that you can lose. In all the years that might be needed to get here, you can work on your trading and try to find edges - only if that appeals to you on its own and without this need to make money back. Take complete break from trading for next 6-12 months. There is no easy money in trading, but it can work. Lots of advice already in the 2 threads linked earlier. Good luck.


This advice can be counter productive. I know people who were mostly making losses in intra day trading and swing trading in cash market.
They made profits only after started trading derivatives. Of course, risk management, learning curve, position sizing needs to be taken care of.

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Thank you for your valuable time and suggestion. Surely I’ll watch

Thank you for your valuable time. Now I believe that I can run with double speed with strict skills and discipline. Off course not now. After couple of months or years. Thank you so much for your advice. I was completely broken. I’m now having some hope to speed up further. Sure I’ll now focus on job on priority and then trending as I got warning from BOSS also. Thank you again

Thats the exception. Not the norm.

It is money, sure, but you can recover those losses. Like members have said, focus on your job, grow your professional skills, save every rupee and repay the loan.

In the mean while, if you don’t want to leave trading, focus on learning, and don’t think about making money, learn for a couple of years, do paper trading. After your loan is completed, after you have some money which you can afford to lose, then you can start trading again. Not now.

Focus on learning, work hard, be disciplined, save every rupee.

All the best.

Bro i am so sorty u are in this situation. 1st stop trading completely. 2nd look at other sources of income which u can use like taking technical class or part time work or free lancing. 3rd look for a payout plan which u can manage.