Too few working days for market

I think there are very few working days for the market considering that the markets remain closed on Sat and Sundays. e.g. I was calculating and if I start from 18th Jul, my trading month actually ends on 31st Aug (takes up cool one and half calendar month to complete a trading month). As it is, 5/7 is just 71% working days, a collosal waste of @29% time. On top of these, we do have the regional/religous holidays being declared through out the year.

This weekend off is a legacy being carried forward and is of no relevance today. This weekend off was given as trading was still offline and on floors in exchange. Saturdays and Sundays were provided for brokers to consolidate their books and get on the street for recoveries. Now that since everything is online, I think NSE, BSE, SEBI etc. should think over it and try to make it working everyday. Now with online being the norm, books are settled faster and there is actually no need for so many non-working days.

I think all the brokers should make a representation to relevant authorities to allow trading on weekends as well. This would reduce the volatility, get more people to participate and increase volumes for the market. I think this should be overall good for everyone.

What do you think ?

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Machines have to cool off. And despite everything is online, the transactions have to be checked for discrepancies and errors. So a 2 day cool off period is alright.

Psychologically too, everyone needs a break, to think about other things, spend time for other things, rejuvenate and get ready for the next week.

And I remember there was a news about extending trading hours, if this happens we will have more trading.

Personally, I feel excited when looking at the market on Diwali, because we never get to see equity market trading when the lights are on, it is always closed before the sun goes down.

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Trade 5 days. Chill out and reflect a bit for two days. Money is only something we need if we happen to live tomorrow :innocent:

That good eh ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is because SEBI gives two days every week to collect more money for the next week to loose more . This is a going on process of stock market .

I honestly wish market was open 24/7. That would be good. Because if there is negative news in other timezones we can come out quickly. There won’t be any market gaps or crazy one big candle. Frankly saves investors and traders lot. We won’t have problem with overnight positions or market gap going beyond stoploss. Funny how brokers are other way around and don’t want this.

It’s funny that crypto and forex market is up 24/7 but not others.

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It isnt right to think markets are just 5 days a week, or 220 days a year.

May be we are actively trading only 6 to 7 hours a day - the rest of the time is not completely off.

All full time traders use the remaining 4 to 6 hours in the day to prepare, learn, backtest & for strategy building.

I hope we had only 4 trading days a week.

You can call in sick and take a day off :stuck_out_tongue:


:joy: :joy: :joy:
i usually take the Friday’s off - thats why i keep replying to posts in tradingqna

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That will increase their operational cost which will result in increased brokerage.

Those who are making money from trading need time to relax, spend that money and do their research work, planning etc for next day/week.
Those who are losing, for them more working hours mean more losses.

So the current system is in everyone’s interest.

Weekends should remain holidays. Life is not about only work.

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Even in that case you can’t be awake 24*7 and keep your eyes on screen to keep a tab on news and act quickly. You need time to eat, sleep etc.

Non sensical/Crap Idea.

Well your stoploss gets hit isn’t it. Losses are less. It’s not that worse as waking up other day to see a huge market gap and price opened way away from your stop loss. We have more of market gap risk than that one candle death.

Why to think negative :rofl: :rofl: , why would you desire to have 24/7 if this is than market would be volatile in high impact news and chances are SL won’t hit. Instead of having 24/7 it better to have 6.75/5, you would earn less but at last you won’t loss much. Atleast retail will not be addicted to market , everyone will busy in market that they will died in market one day and will be sooner than written dead date. :sweat_smile:.

                    **Greed And Fear Are enemy of the Individual.**

Don’t think about past incident if you are afraid of market don’t trade in it. Just take delivery of stock for long term with good fundamental.

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Crytos are traded 24*7 and it has the highest volatility and liquidity. So your argument is just backed by your imagination.


Online network are run by people working offline. Trading done by institutions are done by working people/clients only .World is moving to 4 days workweek and i also feel we should rather talk about reducing time rather increasing time.

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I have no idea how crypto market works. I was just wondering how do people trade in derivative segment in crypto? Don’t they have to be glued to screen all the time ?? Doesn’t it get hectic.
So many times I just wait for 3.30 so that I can take my eyes off screen.