Much Needed Feature COIN

Below few are the features which I hope to see in Coin as an investor.

  1. Categorisation of my portfolio for example section of ELSS, Small Cap, Large Cap etc … Since you already have categories and UI can be segregated on the basis of that.
  2. I f you can also show Total amount invested in above said categories will be great.
  3. STP/SWP it is much needed feature as I need to shift from one fund to another after certain point or want to rebalance my portfolio DEBT, EQUITY, INDEX ratio. This will make sure I never move away from coin ever.
  4. In ElSS (In that matter any fund) I want to know how many units/amount is free from lock and can be redeemed/ or will not carry exit charge, in current coin version I don’t see the age of investment.

I was expecting more from the update It was more of UI revamp with not much feature.

I don’t want fancy UI(earlier UI was not bad though) just above basic features in COIN if these are done can think of more.

Above are much need feature I can see thread 3 4 year old threads asking for these and all I see Zerodha giving hope from so many years.

(I also do long term trading so kite is fulfilling but COIN lacks a lot & I want all my portfolio at single place)

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Yep. Working on all 4 features. We’ll slowly roll out a host of updates over the coming months. Keep the feedback coming :slight_smile:

@Bhuvanesh Why was thread unlisted ? If you have issue with last “Hope” portion (which is also the fact) I can remove it but what is the issue with this listed. I was expecting better feedback from other guys.

I feel pitty & sad at the same time if it has been unlisted to hide something

Hmm no.

This forum isn’t meant for support queries. The best place would have been to create a ticket here

No @Bhuvanesh I don’t buy your reason why you have unlisted my thread.

This thread is not about support queries. It is about all features that are needed in Coin and can be discussed in a group.

Below are many links which are of similar nature are going to unlist them all ?? Then what is the use of Q&A platform ??

Or is it just the factual criticism which was hard to digest and made you to unlist the thread.
I also don’t see any violation of rule in the forum. I am just a normal consumer who want the best product.

@nithin Can you help me to understand why was it unlisted.

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Nothing hard to digest here. We are working on these features and we’ll start rolling them out in the upcoming updates.

We have numerous threads with the exact same requests and there’s no point in keeping them all open. Doesn’t mean we aren’t listening to your feedback :slight_smile:

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Listed it. Have spoken to Bhuvan, we will merge topics which are similar instead of unlisting.


thanks @nithin :metal: … Hope zerodha as a community grow stronger :blush: